ArchBIM is an architectural firm that works worldwide with proficient architects using BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology as a mean to successful projects and construction.


After several years of working on every stage of architectural process, through design and construction with Revit and BIM basis, ARCHBIM was registered in 2021 and is the home of a group of senior architects with broad vision and specialized in this methodology, to provide the right tools to building and planning.

Therefore, different partnerships were made between other architects and stakeholders for more a productive design practice and efficiency in organization and construction. Not only for design production, but also in implementing and consolidating guidelines for BIM methodology between architecture and all other disciplines involved in even more complex projects.

From design boards to the construction site, the tools used are the more advanced and up-to-date as the AEC Industry evolves. For the future, building and spatial analysis is the way for better decision making and for a more humane architecture, considering the environment and conditions for a more sustainable construction.


ARCH – Architecture + BIM – Building Information Modelling = ARCHBIM.

  • BIM is being implemented for project optimization, cost efficiency, and information infrastructure.

| Architecture process. Project Design and Construction.

  • Revit is a powerful design tool that allows even complex design and integrated databases for quantification and physical analysis through BIM routines.

| BIM Implementation

  • Implementing BIM international protocols that helps to ensure a clear workflow of information and communication between clients, architects, and other disciplines.

| BIM Production and Assessment.

  • Rigorous matrix, organizational procedures and monitoring.

| Overall professional assistance.

Clear communication is part of this practice and company goals. Collaborative methodology with different clients and disciplines, betting on digital information sharing and registration.